SR EN ISO 9001/ 2015
SR EN ISO 14001/ 2005
SR OHSAS 18001/ 2008
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Equipments and facilities

Equipments and facilities

» Foundry equipment:

Induction furnace ICI 1000 x2;
Induction furnace (2 tons, dual);
TT furnace mobile bottom 6 m² and 9 m²;
Make-up line with resin and sand regeneration;
Make-up line with crude mixtures SINTO WAGNER max. size of the forms 800x650x250;
Digital spectrometer;
Brinell device;
Rockwel device;
IR device;
DIGITIN 10 device;
Plasma discharge device;
Bending tension testing device;
Chapy device;
Metallographic microscope;
Pendulum grinder;
Quenching basin 28 m³;
Water quenching basin 3 m³;
Oil quenching basin 3 m³;

» Machining Equipment

Longitudinal portal milling machine 10,000;
Processing center EC 500, speed = 8000 rot/min; part sizes 350x350x550;
Processing center EC 1600, speed = 10000 rot/min; part sizes φ 600×1000;
Jig boring machine, φ 700;
Lathe Carusel SC 4000 and SC 1250;
Milling machine type Bohrwerk 100;
Universal grinding machine diameter maximum φ500 mm;
Face grinder 500 mm
Gear cutting machine FD 350;
Lathes SN 400 x 1500; SN 800 x 1500 and SN 800 x 3000;
Cutter FV 36;
Boring machine GR 50 and GR 13;
Planing machine RU 350;

» Metal garments equipment:

Roll L=2200 mm, tg max 25 mm;
Abkant L=3000 mm, tg max 16 mm;

» Vulcanization equipment:

Vulcanizing press 500 x 500;
Hydraulic press PH 200;
Vulcanizing press 1000 x 1000;
Eccentric press PE 100;

» Forging equipment:

Horizontal forging machine MFO 160;
Air forging hammer: CP 160, CP 200 și CP 400;
Pressing hammer CM 630;
Forging furnace of 1.5 m² and 0.2 m²;
Spindle press 25 tf;

» Other equipment used in the operating process:

Gantry cranes of 12.5 tf


We control the chemical composition with a spectrometer and we test the mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and hardness.

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